On a whim, I created a collection of colour palettes based on Metallica album covers.

Each is named using an abbreviation of the relevant album, or a snippet of a song title from the album. In most cases, the song chosen is one of the stand out tracks.



Because I saw this post on Twitter

But still, …why?

Because I’d already created a bunch of palettes manually for this post on my blog


I produced the palettes with 7 colours using an online tool, when I produced my blog post originally. I also put together the ‘combo’ palette.

Palettes that end with ‘10’ were created using colorfindr

I then found another online tool, which I used to create some more alternatives, although these are much smaller (4 colour palettes)

I need this in my life

Of course you do.


This will not go to CRAN, so please install using the remotes package.
See the instructions on the repo for how to do this

Data Viz Friendly

These mini palettes might actually be useful.

All named after a song title from the relevant album.

I’m only going to show a few here because otherwise it’ll get boring (for us all)






Gimme fuel, gimme fire, longer palettes I desire

I hear ya.

These contain more album specific colors, but might be of less practical use for data visualisation purposes, in some instances. In the following section, you’ll see the 7 colour palette, then the longer 10 colour version.

Again, I’m not going to do all ten albums.

You can see them all on the package readme

Master of Puppets

puppets puppets10




anger anger10

Hardwired…To Self Destruct

hardwired hardwired10

Metal up your palette

A nice wee combo of various colours from all the albums


There you go, head over to the package site to see them all.

If you do use any of these, let me know, I’d love to see them in action, so be sure to let me know :)


Thanks to Kelly Cotton for the nycpalettes package which this was extremely heavily based on.

Also, shout out to Anna Henschel for the original inspiration, and for positively reinforcing that this was a good idea.

Thanks very much to you both :)